Only one person is keeping you from success: YOU!

Success is winning and achieving goals.  How do some succeed while others fail? How do some have what it takes to achieve their goals?

At a recent workout at the gym, I overheard, “No Guts, No Glory! Failure is not an option!  Do not give in and do not give up!”

It got me thinking about my workouts.  Was I doing enough? I needed to reevaluate my goals to see if I was achieving what I had set out to accomplish.

What does it take to succeed, not only at the gym but in all facets of daily activities and life in general?

Success requires strength, bravery, risk, determination, drive and believing you can do it.

Let’s break down what is needed to improve all facets of life.


Strength is more than how much one can lift at a given time.  Strength can be emotionally related as well.

Make a list of strengths and weaknesses.  What is it about your strengths that make them a strength and not a weakness? Were they once a weakness and now it has become a strength?  What is stopping you from getting ahead? Break a weakness into smaller steps and take one step at a time is easier than setting unattainable goals.

Make smaller more successful goals.   Increase the time frame or break the task until there is perfection and success.

At the gym, many people make the mistake to go big or go home, or too much, too soon. Injuries can occur when too much weight is used in too short of time frame.  Injuries cause pain and pain leads to a decrease in range of motion in a joint.  Too much, too soon leads to 10 steps behind rather than two steps forward.

Use strengths to improve muscle tone and build slowly on weakness which consequently leads to success and not ultimate failure.

Bravery and Risk: 

It is difficult to talk about bravery without some element of risk.  Bravery is the courage needed, the nerve to do it and being daring enough to set the plan in motion.  Risk is the potential to lose or gain something of value. Some people see risk as dangerous and give up. In this context risk will be used to explain the risk of danger in not achieving the expected goal.

Many people may look at a new class or new equipment as too hard or too risky.  Research, ask questions, understand it before closing your mind to something new.  Most new things are very scary and can lead to stagnation and non-changing behaviours.

Don’t use the same equipment day in day out. Don’t do the same workout. Change it up, make risks and be brave.  The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it, so don’t do it.  ‘Give it a go!’ It you don’t try, you’ll never know. Maybe this was the one thing that may be the cream of the crop and lead to ultimate success.

Failure is not an option when you are brave enough to take a risk at something new.

Determination and Drive:

Determination and drive may be linked in its connection with willpower, ambition and risk. In contrast, drive is the innate desire to satisfy the need to move forward and determination is the firm decision to do something, being adamant and insistent.  What that means is that one needs the determination to set to practice and be adamant that the goal is going to happen one way or another and having the drive, willpower and dedication to set forth and make it happen.

How do we use our drive to improve our workout regime to achieve success? Choose activities that are enjoyed. The ones that are not enjoyed; find a way to make it more enjoyable.

In brief, if leg day is revered and doing leg presses is making you cringe; try dancing, zoomba, or the rowing machine.  The goal remains intact but the drive is stronger because the activity is enjoyed.

Everything is possible when your mind is set firmly on the goal.  Failure is not an option when success is achieved doing something that you love.

I can do it, I know I can:

Don’t just think you can, know it, feel it, then do it.  Be brave and take risks.  Go further than just thinking and wishing you could lose 10 pounds, have firmer triceps or try a new coffee shop. Set about to make it happen.

Believe in yourself. 

The only person stopping you from your goals; is you and only you!  Reevaluate your goals often.  What is really working; what is not working at all?

Give yourself appropriate achievable goals in the most reasonable period of time.  Little steps towards a big goal are more attainable.  Believe you can do it and be proud of your baby steps. Reward your successes and don’t be hard on yourself for little slips.

In summary, the only person who can succeed is you. Failure is not an option.  Do not give up on your goals, make goals achievable. Losing 100 pounds in three months is not reasonable and it leads to failure.

Set appropriate goals.  Whether the goal is to finish your degree, to start a new program, or to budget finances better, it is totally up to you.  Use your strengths to assist with weaknesses.

After all, believe in yourself because you are worth believing in!


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