Discover Challenge: Tough Questions

via Discover Challenge: Tough Questions

In the middle of transition (Transman; born female, transitioning to female)

“Mom which bathroom should I be using when there is no male/female bathroom?  I still have breasts yet I am growing facial hair and look like a man now?”

“Let’s find a male/female bathroom honey, so there isn’t any more protests and people calling security!”

Made doubly difficult is that my son is deaf.  He communicates with his phone.  Because he is so receptive to sight, he can easily pick up facial and body language before someone realizes that they are doing so.

We have had people call security and kick us out of bathrooms, wanting to check ID, lots of pointing and staring (recently at the casino where they rechecked the players card with his driver’s licence; we didn’t want to make a scene and quietly showed ID)  Now that he had a double mastectomy, he finally can go to the bathroom without fear of harm or emotional stress.

See my article that will be posted this morning on “From She to He OR He to She.”


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