So the holiday rush is over — Now what?

So the Christmas rush is over — now what?

I don’t know about you but I know I’ve been swept off my feet for the past few weeks trying to get things ready for the “big day.” The big day has come and gone so quickly— now what?

How do you avoid the Christmas crash?

Use this time to chill. If you don’t have to work, put your feet up and relax. Watch little ones play with their toys. Get down on the floor and play with them. They are exhausted from being hauled here there and everywhere so relax with them.

More Visiting?
There are a lot of people who don’t have family nearby or have no family left anymore. Visit them or include them in your festivities. The holidays aren’t joyous to everyone. Many people are missing their loved ones throughout the holiday. Reach out! Invite them for dinner, or better yet, bring meals to them. Prepare little pre-made meals so they can still enjoy the holidays without having to cook a big meal for one.

When should I take the tree down?
Every year I rush to get my house back into order. This year I’m going to enjoy it a little longer. I like to look at all the ornaments on the tree. Some were made by my children many years ago when they were little — some were my Grandma’s ornaments — some  from my parents as they give me a new ornament every year… As I hang them, and as I put them away, I’m reminded of a time gone by. For the next week, I’m going to sit and admire them a little longer. Life is too short to pack up and stash away. So I will leave up my tree and admire the memories a little longer.

Too much chocolate.. Way too much junk food?
If you’re like me and have way too much junk food left, throw a party. Put out all those little bits and share with your friends. The new year will be here soon and we can get back to our fitness and healthy eating routine.

Give gifts that mean something
How often do we buy for the sake of buying? Are we following the chaotic commercialized trend of buying? It doesn’t have to cost much, it’s the thought that counts. I’ve tried to tell my kids that philosophy. My mom treasured the Christmas ornament that was home-made. I have always treasured home-made trinkets.

I have not been a person that loves tons of presents and falling into that buying for the sake of buying kind of crap! What have I really treasured this year above all?

* Being with my family…
* Having both my children visiting family with us…
* Walking around the Toronto Christmas market, even through all the crowds…
* Having my husband tell me to stay in bed for a change so he could walk the dog…
* The ornament that my son made for my mom and I, while I watched with bated breath
that he wouldn’t cut himself as he dug the filament out of a light bulb… (it looks
beautiful on my tree)
* My new camera.. (As much as I hate people spending money on me, he knew that mine                 had broken and knew how much I love to take pictures of absolutely everything)
* Watching my son help his dad repair his car
* My busy kitchen as all of us were making different baked goods at the same time, it was chaotic but fun

Enjoy the holidays with the ones you love the most. Don’t fret the small chaotic mess of the holidays. Enjoy it a wee bit longer. If you couldn’t get away to see your family that lives so far away, go to the computer and Video call. Get your coffee ready and enjoy your coffee together in real-time.

If your Christmas has been wonderful share with someone who’s Christmas hasn’t been great. Give of yourself to those who don’t have family or friends near.

Be their best Christmas ever, not just for you, but for them.


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