Happy Valentine’s by C. A. Keith

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!

What to do? It’s not always the sweetest holiday for everyone.

I was contemplating recently about the value of Valentine’s. The day of sweethearts, lovers, dates… and so on. Although its’ roots might not have been tied to romanticism, 14th February became the day for lovers around the 18th century in many regions such as England and Europe. Presently, greeting cards, sweets and flowers seem to be the go-to in North American cultures.

Valentine’s evokes good and bad feelings in people. Some do not celebrate commercial money grabbing holidays, recent break ups, marriages dissolving, and death can make some people cringe with the idea of Valentine’s.

I recall with fondness, my Dad, used to buy his children a little box of Valentine chocolates. He would tell us that we were his Valentine. Dad made us feel special as we opened our little precious box of sweets. As I grew up, my feelings for Valentine’s and love were romantically idealized. We watched my dad write love letters to our mom. He would hold her hand and hug and kiss her. I’m not saying that they never had hard times but my Dad looked after my mom and always adored her. My dad continues to dote on my mother. So I have this romantic ideal of love that is rare and hard to find.

It was hard to find someone as romantic and gentle as my father. I don’t think I will ever find that idealistic figure that I’ve been searching for all my life. I had to settle for someone else’s ideal of love. Someone who will help with the dishes and the hoovering but not interested in public displays of affection. My mind wanders and daydreams about the Knight in shining armour on a white horse that trots down the beach and swoops me off my feet. That same Knight runs his gentle fingers through my hair, telling me how much he loves me. However, there is a fine line between the Knight and the stalker guy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want someone following and tracking my every move and questioning every where I go either.

Then there are those that have lost their soul-mate, their partner of decades. A husband missing his wife on such a special occasion. Wishing for five minutes… Lost memories of times gone past as they spend another night alone. Special occasions are dreaded. More deaths occur nearing special occasions, as the loss is unbearable.

When is the most frequent break-ups occur? Before major holidays, events is the most common time. Imagine times are tough and you’re left flat on your butt. All your friends are celebrating cozy dinners somewhere, posting pictures of fragrant delightful bouquets, and mouth-watering chocolates that ooze gooey caramel. Pictures of two happy people toasting, their glasses ping cheerfully against each other.

One year in particular, wasn’t the best. The green-eyed monster of envy swarmed around me. I didn’t want to make anyone miss out on their special day because mine was going to disappoint again. A dearest friend suggested a friends Valentine date. So there we all were, making tacos and drinking wine together. We danced and giggled and forgot all about the dreaded V word. One warm memory that will stay forever.

Valentine’s soon evolved into a commercial business. Booming sales of sweets and flowers are noted prior to the special day. Many stores fill their shelves as they anticipate high sales. When do I pick up chocolates? A few days later!

How can we make the day better for others? How about going to your local nursing home and bringing flowers or sweets? Or visit a friend that is alone. Send your parents, brothers, best friends and those you care about  a valentine card.

Let’s change Valentine’s from a lovers special time, to those that are our nearest and dearest. As my dad did for me, so do I for my young adult children. Let’s take the hurt and envy out of Valentine’s for those that don’t get to celebrate and make it into a day where you treasure all those around you. The older you get, the more you realize life is short and you want those nearest and dearest to know how much they mean to you.

Here’s another great idea… Tomorrow go to Amazon and download this free book by   Plaisted Publishing House, “Ghostly Writes Valentine’s Edition, 2017.”  Several authors from across the globe contributed their ghostly stories.

My story called “Valentine’s Day,”  reminds you that love is never-ending.  Check it out tomorrow.

So to everybody I know… Happy Valentine’s dear friend!

I love you all!


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s by C. A. Keith

  1. the woman i love most in the world is just a friend. ive been married, divorced, practically re-married (the closest thing i had to a soulmate) and dumped after years. it tore me apart. the four worst times ive ever had in life followed losing a girlfriend, fiancee, or wife.

    ive got this friend, who is my favorite person in the entire world, and shes beautiful and smart and incredibly kind. and she reminds me a lot of a girlfriend i had many years ago, and yet shes entirely different. i would date her if i could– some of the times weve hung out, were somehow better than dates. but she inspires me to keep loving, and to keep looking for someone i love as much as her– its not easy to imagine, but neither was meeting her when my previous soulmate walked away. she is a living symbol of love, and the best kind of friend you could ever hope for, other than a soulmate. a happy 45th day of the year to you. (and 46th, and 47th, etc.)

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