I Want to be a Drag Queen by C. A. Keith

It’s nearly show time.  Twenty minutes to showtime.  He is not nervous. He’s been at the show nearly every year for the past 15 years. But tonight is different.

Hair smoothed back tight and he pulls on the little cap so his wig will fit on just right.

Make-up is applied to his face.  Each stroke delicate yet deliberate.

The eyebrows, smoothed, caked with powder to hide the preened brows.  The brows, nude in colour so they can be transformed into brows that lift and exaggerate the eyes. A dark black colour rises higher than the eyebrow bone with one swoop.

The eye lids full of dazzling colours and shades blended to beyond perfection. Light rose dusts the eyes, followed by shades of mauve purple, and blends of violet; his eyes lavish.  The black eyebrow pencil traces dramatic lines from the inner eye canthus to the outer eye. The thick line swoops as sultry as a cat’s eye.  A thinner line glides under the eye and joins the upper lines with precision.  Shimmer, glitz, glimmer dusted to finish the sultry smokey eye.

He picks up the eyelashes from the box.  Dab a little glue and press.  Black, thick and lush; his eyes pop.

Contour. Oh those contours make his already dramatic features more striking. A few strokes swept across the forehead, the pencil glides down the nose in one stroke, a thick brush under the eye and around the outside of the nose.  Another brush across the upper cheek bone to make the maxilla and zygomatic arch become one.  A think line down the chin to appear thinner.  A darker contour brush under the chin and down the neck, sharper lines. Don’t want  the Adam’s apple to be visibly noticeable.   Foundation blends and contours the lines upon his face.

What used to take him hours to perfect, takes 20 minutes tops.  Shave the morning of the show. He was blessed with very little facial hair.

Rouge, a soft rose, accentuates the contours of his jaw line.  Blends of soft rose and darker violet becomes dramatic cheek bones. Perfection.

He picks up the cherry red lip liner and over traces his pouty lips.  They are kiss perfect.  Dark purple, stain his over traced lips. A smattering of silver mid bottom lip. He presses his lips together to blend the colours and applies a gloss that sparkles and glimmers.

He picks up his bright pink wig.  The darkness of his striking brows and greenish blue eyes stand out.  He dances to the clothes rack and he chooses his sexy red low-cut with high slit long evening gown.  His fingers move his tights up quickly over his waxed smooth legs.  He picks up his red knickers that tightly hold in the bits that were lightly taped down.  A dab of special glue holds on his fake breasts. The silicone feels real and looks as real as any.  That’s why one chooses quality over cheapness.  His red lacy bra, made specially for him, holds in the implants in case his nervousness leads to too much moisture. His slender legs slip into the dress and he zips it up.  He picks up the black boa and tosses it easily over his shoulders.  Red pumps finish the look.

“Welcome one, welcome all!” his voice dances across the stage.  “You are in for a very special show tonight.  I’m Trixie D’amici and I will be your host for tonight’s show.  Tonight’s show will feature San Fran’s 2017 Drag Queen contest.  Now let’s give a big round of applause for all our contestants!”

He smiled proudly.  He won this contest several years in a row.  It was time for someone else to shine.  Tonight, however, he would remind those, why he was always number one.

The piano cued, “Ready darling,” he chuckled.

(Demi Lovato: Confident Lyrics)

                              It’s time for me to take it
                              I’m the boss right now
                             Not gonna fake it
                             Not when you go down
                            ‘Cause this is my game
                         And you better come to play
                      I used to hold my freak back
                    Now I’m letting go
                  I make my own choice
                  Bitch, I run this show
                   So leave the lights on
                   No, you can’t make me behave
                So you say I’m complicated
                 That I must be outta my mind
                  But you had me underrated
                  Rated, rated
                     What’s wrong with being, what’s wrong with being
                       What’s wrong with being confident?

His voice boomed across the stage. He danced and words spilled effortlessly from his mouth.  The audience cheered and stared mesmorized by his stage performance.

Alas he was on top again!

by C.A. Keith   ©2017

2 thoughts on “I Want to be a Drag Queen by C. A. Keith

  1. Good story! Nice writing.


    From: “C. A. Keith”
    Reply-To: “C.A.Keith”
    Date: Monday, May 1, 2017 at 5:46 PM
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    Subject: [New post] I Want to be a Drag Queen by C. A. Keith

    charlottekeith posted: “It’s nearly show time. Twenty minutes to showtime. He is not nervous. He’s been at the show nearly every year for the past 15 years. But tonight is different. Hair smoothed back tight and he pulls on the little cap so his wig will fit on just right. M”


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