Time Flies by C. A. Keith

Time goes on and life changes; I get that. But why must time fly so damn fast?

One day you are looking up at yourself in the mirror, hair uncombed and puffy bags under the eyes. You are wearing yesterday’s clothes that you jumped into quickly as you heard the children rustling in the background. When I say jumped into your clothes, I mean literally jump. Kids are a little too quiet and you look over at your alarm clock and see that you got that extra hour of sleep. It’s then that you wonder alarmingly; what have the kids been doing while I was sleeping?

You run into the bedroom and see a whole bottle of baby powder falling from the ceiling like snowflakes on a winter’s day. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. You squint to open your eyes, hoping when you open your eyes again, that it was all a dream.

Nope! There was actually a whole bottle of baby powder across the bedroom.

What about the time when you came downstairs and the kids are playing hide and seek, someone stood behind the furnace (Why were they in the furnace room in the first place) and knocked over a whole paint can. You tip-toe down the steps and notice wide-eyed, white-painted foot prints across the carpet. You shudder. You close your eyes, count to ten, deep breaths; before what comes out your mouth makes you look like a rabid raccoon.

If children weren’t the bane of my existence, getting one then two huge slobbery, messy dogs were the next part of the equation. Foot prints on the floor at any point of the day, lick marks, paw scratches and muck across the back door. Wood splinters are expected to be found in what they thought would be a good place to chew; the cupboard doors, the door itself, pruning every single tree I have, and holes the sizes of trenches in the back yard.

Throw a bird and a cat in the mix and you’ve got the whole food chain. Husband, kids, dogs, cat, bird… mice that is left as gifts by the cat.


So for every, slobbery mess, crazy antics, “Oh My God. What are they into now?” moments; I truly smile.

A dog fills you with unconditional love. A dog doesn’t see you for five minutes and you are inundated with slobbery kisses and bruises from strong wags of the tail. Never mind the times that they knock you, head over tea kettle as they barrel you over like a bowling pin.

Children melt your heart. When you think your heart couldn’t melt any more, a child does something to make you shake your head but love them anyway.

They bring in a bunch of tulips from your garden because they know that you love pretty flowers in a vase. (They’ll regrow next year) Draw you a gorgeous picture; on the wall.  Bite onto the car door because a tooth is loose and they needed help to loosen it.  Things you find in pockets; cringing and shuddering as you reach in before tossing it in the laundry…

As they get a bit older, the water bill increases, the hydro increases, the washing loads get bigger, grocery bills increase, sharing vehicles, and more.

What a pretty great life I have? I get to watch my two children grow up to be handsome young men.

For all the times that I’ve scratched my head and wondered why, or how? All I know, is that I don’t regret one dirty, messy, smelly minute.

Time has flown by. As I look through old photos and videos, I smile and tear up. Why did it have to fly by? Couldn’t you stay littler just a wee bit longer so I could cuddle you in my lap a little while longer? Couldn’t I squish you down a little so you aren’t towering me? Couldn’t I?

I guess I shouldn’t.

Time to let go of the reins so they can have their own memories.  I don’t have to like it but I’m proud of who they’ve become.

Wow! Time flies.


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