Valentine’s Day by C.A. Keith © 2017

The heart never forgets. Time may pass but love remains eternally. Sarah thought she was dreaming that her husband came home early from his fishing trip. It was a fishing trip she'd never forget.

The Dance of the Tarantella C.A. Keith

The term aphrodisiac raises eyebrows. The Dance of the Tarantella and Witches portrays a story of seduction and ritualistic dance to attain a sexual awakening. Are aphrodisiacs really a new concept?

Time Flies by C. A. Keith

Time goes on and life changes; I get that. But why must time fly so damn fast? One day you are looking up at yourself in the mirror, hair uncombed and puffy bags under the eyes. You are wearing yesterday’s clothes that you jumped into quickly as you heard the children rustling in the background. When … Continue reading Time Flies by C. A. Keith

Life in the War Zone by Paul White

Paul White is an author, blogger & poet and a great inspiration to me as an indie writer. I have collaborated with Paul White and other writers from across the globe to publish a few great books.  It comes as no surprise that this wonderfully written book has come available. His writing covers various genres and topics, … Continue reading Life in the War Zone by Paul White