Valentine’s Day by C.A. Keith © 2017

The heart never forgets. Time may pass but love remains eternally. Sarah thought she was dreaming that her husband came home early from his fishing trip. It was a fishing trip she'd never forget.


The Mansion on Pine by C.A. Keith

What happens when curiosity gets the better of best friends Aaron and Colin? They wondered about the old Mansion house they walked past every day. There was an eeriness about it. There were rumours that it was haunted. What was the real story behind the old mansion house?

Time Flies by C. A. Keith

Time goes on and life changes; I get that. But why must time fly so damn fast? One day you are looking up at yourself in the mirror, hair uncombed and puffy bags under the eyes. You are wearing yesterday’s clothes that you jumped into quickly as you heard the children rustling in the background. When … Continue reading Time Flies by C. A. Keith