Valentine’s Day by C.A. Keith © 2017

The heart never forgets. Time may pass but love remains eternally. Sarah thought she was dreaming that her husband came home early from his fishing trip. It was a fishing trip she'd never forget.

The Dance of the Tarantella C.A. Keith

The term aphrodisiac raises eyebrows. The Dance of the Tarantella and Witches portrays a story of seduction and ritualistic dance to attain a sexual awakening. Are aphrodisiacs really a new concept?

Life in the War Zone by Paul White

Paul White is an author, blogger & poet and a great inspiration to me as an indie writer. I have collaborated with Paul White and other writers from across the globe to publish a few great books.  It comes as no surprise that this wonderfully written book has come available. His writing covers various genres and topics, … Continue reading Life in the War Zone by Paul White